• Clinch The Job

    Mindfulness interview preparation

    A collection of meditations
    for anyone preparing for a job interview,
    by Teresa Orange

A more laid-back approach to job interviews…

If you dread interviews or simply feel you need a bit of extra practice, this mindfulness programme will help you develop a more confident mindset.
Each meditation lasts about 5 minutes and the total meditative experience lasts just under an hour.

Audios of the meditations are available on YouTube.

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Clinch the Job DIY Workshop

£150 for two PowerPoint Presentations
Workshop 1: The Interview Journey
Workshop 2: Interview Pitfalls
Click below to buy and download. After you’ve paid you will be taken to a page to access the download. The workshops are designed for Universities, Colleges and Schools who would like to run their own Clinch the job sessions. The PowerPoint slides provide you with all you need for two sessions, each lasting one to two hours. Including links to the audios of the meditations and related group tasks.

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Workshops led and presented by Teresa

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For further details please contact: teresa@teresaorange.com

TOrangeTeresa first practiced mindfulness in her work as a strategic planner in advertising agencies J. Walter Thompson and Davidson Pearce. Here she developed creative projective techniques to encourage colleagues to experience their underlying emotions, and to help them step into the future.

In her work as a careers coach she has found that mindfulness can have a transforming effect on her clients – developing confidence and empowering individuals to simply be themselves.

“Mindfulness connects you with your own self-belief, and builds an inner confidence that becomes part of your working identity. It promotes a positive frame of mind that enhances interview performance, and helps convince prospective employers that you are the right person for the job.   

Teresa Orange, Author



… using the transforming
power of mindfulness
to help you tune into
a winning mindset