I went to a very inspiring talk this week by performance coach, Damian Piper of Effective Challenge. He has worked with an impressive list of sports and corporate clients helping raise competitiveness. One of the best themes he spoke about was his ‘as if’ mantra. He described how he had been working with the GB women’s rowing team leading up to the 2005 Olympics. The foursome showed gold potential, but kept on coming second to the Germans. How could the GB team raise their performance just a notch to beat their rivals? At the next international event the UK team adopted a strategy of espionage; they observed how the German team behaved both on and off the water. Right from noting their training routines to their dress code. The next competition just happened to be the 2005 Olympics, the British team acted as if they were the Germans, and yes, you can imagine the end of the story!

Career thought:

As you prepare for a job interview consider performing as if you belong there