There is something random but highly effectively about a cobweb. Just as LinkedIn has become an essential tool for graduate job-seekers. It’s all a matter of casting your web out wide and seizing opportunities when they come your way.

In my Springboard Workshops we explore how you can use LinkedIn to generate job leads, and how to make cold calls more effectively. This involves wising up to the services that LinkedIn offers graduates, and having the courage to reach out to people on the fringes of your web. At times it may feel like a random tactic, but as a hardened freelancer, I can vouch for its effectiveness.

It’s important to think about how you initially approach someone on LinkedIn. Using your alumni status or being a friend of a friend works wonders. Then once you have established a link it’s surprising how effectively you can work towards a face-to-face chat. Developing these cold-calling skills was certainly something that my workshop participants particularly valued:

“The advice on cold calling/emailing was really useful – I had never thought of those tactics before! So useful whether in terms of job hunt or anything else in life.”

“I really liked the examples you used about cold calling, and how effectively you linked your own experiences to this stage of job-searching.”

I still have spaces for the Winchester workshop I am holding this week, on Thursday 26th November. To apply just go to: