It is very revealing how helpful video interview coaching sessions can be. The thought of being filmed may feel daunting, but it can often be transforming as you prepare for an important interview. After conducting a videoed interview I analyse the film with the candidate. This allows us to focus on enhancing posture, mannerism and engagement. Little details such as the more effective use of eye contact can make a big difference. It can also help candidates improve their narratives – listening to yourself waffling is a most effective way of helping you sharpen up the dialogue. In addition, the presence of a camera is helpful as a way of emulating a touch of the stage – it prepares you for that moment when all eyes will be firmly focused on you.

“Being filmed really helped my development and allowed me to be more critical of myself and realise how to prepare better for interviews.  It helped my confidence hugely and I actually enjoyed some of my interviews. “ Graduate 2015