I read this week that it was scientifically impossible to shake with nerves at the same time as tensing your bottom. A fact that strikes a chord with me because I used to be a high board diver, and I know well how a firm bottom gives you confidence as you stand petrified before plunging into a few somersaults.

A client also reminded me this week of how important it is to control your nerves as you are scrutinized at Assessment Centres. He had just clinched a job after a series of disappointments, and he told me how he had tripped up a couple of times because of his shaky appearance. In fact one of the recruiters told him that he would have got the job if he hadn’t looked so terrified when he got up to present.

The break-through for this client came when he was given a week to prepare for a very analytical presentation – rather than simply being asked to give the rather inane talk about himself. He had time to out-class the competition through his rigorous preparation, and on the day he had too much on his mind to worry about nerves.

So in the end it was his outstanding preparation that got the better of his nerves and got him the job. Nonetheless, it’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve in case your nerves suddenly get the upper hand. And for those of you who might feel timid about divers’ bottoms – there are plenty of other top tips from the world of sport such as deep breathing, finger clenching, neck rolling and shoulder circling! Just work out a routine that feels right for you!