I meet a lot of graduates in their twenties who are looking for a career re-launch. May be they feel trapped in the wrong career. Or may be they simply feel that their career never took-off.

For those who feel trapped in the wrong career it is important to think of timing as well as career direction. You may be in an enviable graduate role but simply feel uncomfortable about the long-term. In which case ensure that you maximize the potential of your current position before you consider entering the job market. Recruiters are more interested in individuals who are moving forward, so even if you feel uncertain about the future, check that you are pushing the agenda forward in your current position.

For those of you who feel that your career never took-off it is important not to feel trapped by the passage of time. May be you have spent time on a Masters. Or may be your were unlucky not to clinch any of the graduate schemes. For whatever reason, you may feel that you have been treading water on the career front. Earning a living rather than using your talents as a graduate. In your case it is crucial to put time in perspective. Everyone treads water at one stage in their career – even the Richard Branson’s of the world have fallow years from time to time.

Above all, you should all remember that in your twenties – everything is still possible. We live in an age of flexible career pathways. Most of us will reinvent ourselves a few times during the course of our working lives. So don’t panic if you are looking for a change of direction at this early life-stage. Time is on your side.