A new book that will inspire you to be more laid-back in your interview preparation

“ Just relax and be yourself!”

I imagine that you have all heard those words before. A kind friend might have thrown them your way as you set off to an important interview. The problem is that it’s easier said than done. It takes a good bit of confidence to just relax and be yourself.

In my work as a career’s coach I certainly observe how confidence has a transforming effect on my clients. A positive frame of mind enhances interview performance and convinces prospective employers that you are the right person for the job. So it makes sense to explore how you can develop a more confident mindset.

One powerful approach is to be more mindful in your interview preparation. This means using relaxing meditative tools to rewire the way you think. Giving your mind the space to prepare for the toughest meetings. A mindful approach connects you with your own self-belief, and builds inner confidence that becomes part of your working identity.

This is an approach that I often use with my clients, and I have recently published a collection of meditations that I have used with clients who have been applying to jobs over the last year. You might be applying to your first job, or aspiring to a more senior role. Whatever, your situation the meditations will help you be more relaxed in you preparation, and more confident in your performance.

The book ‘Clinch the job: Mindfulness interview preparation’ by Teresa Orange is available on Amazon for £12.95, and the accompanying audios are free on Youtube.