The power of film for interview preparation

It is very revealing how helpful video interview coaching sessions can be. The thought of being filmed may feel daunting, but it can often be transforming as you prepare for an important interview. After conducting a videoed interview I analyse … Read More

Catching job opportunities with the help of LinkedIn

There is something random but highly effectively about a cobweb. Just as LinkedIn has become an essential tool for graduate job-seekers. It’s all a matter of casting your web out wide and seizing opportunities when they come your way. In … Read More

How to get into the mind of your future employer

One way to beat the competition when you are applying for jobs is to demonstrate that you have done your research better than anyone else. So this means penetrating the mind of your future employer. What lights them up in … Read More

5 ways to nail Commercial Awareness

This is a competency that is particularly sought out by private sector employers. I recently heard of a leading recruitment agency that uses two questionnaires to filter candidates; one is titled ‘Competencies’ the other is called ‘Commercial Awareness’. Just one … Read More

Shrrr … one way to beat the competition

This month saw the launch of my Springboard workshops. The day is designed to give you competitive edge at imminent interviews or Assessment Days. Participants are given a 30-minute Skype mock interview beforehand, and this is followed by a videoed … Read More

Perform ‘as if’

I went to a very inspiring talk this week by performance coach, Damian Piper of Effective Challenge. He has worked with an impressive list of sports and corporate clients helping raise competitiveness. One of the best themes he spoke about … Read More

Proud to have stacked-shelves, or not?

In CV workshops, I am often asked about work experience such as supermarket roles and bar work. Should I include it, or is it irrelevant? Should I elaborate, or should I keep the reference to a minimum?   To be … Read More

Talk about Robots

During the summer there has been plenty of talk about Robots, particularly from the HR and outsourcing communities. Many of the features referred to a joint report from Deloitte and Oxford University. It indicated that in Britain alone 10 million … Read More

Raising $14 million venture funding

I increasingly meet graduates who have their sights on becoming entrepreneurs, rather than heading for the corporate world. One such graduate from London South Bank University is Berti Stevens who has just raised $14 million for his enterprise It … Read More

Networking, networking, networking.

The other day I attended a lecture about the findings of a MOOC on Careers and Employability Skills. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course, and this one was run by the University of London International Programme. 157,396 registered for … Read More