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Big data changes the work place

This week I heard a brilliant lecture by Kenneth Cukier, the digital editor at the Economist, talking about Big Data. He was giving the Anthony Howitt Lecture at CIMA (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). The title was ‘Making Decisions … Read More

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Professional associations: don’t worry about being a bit of a pest!

Whatever field you are heading for, I bet there is a professional association that is ready to help you. I still belong to the organisation that helped me launch as a market researcher a good few years ago, The Market … Read More

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Guildhall Great Hall and Guildhall Art Gallery

Career sessions in the City

I am always on the look out for new venues in London, and over the summer I had the good fortune to find a perfect room in the City. It’s just around the corner from the Guildhall and in easy … Read More

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Timing a career re-launch in your twenties

I meet a lot of graduates in their twenties who are looking for a career re-launch. May be they feel trapped in the wrong career. Or may be they simply feel that their career never took-off. For those who feel … Read More

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Tom Daley Bottom

A bottom tip for Assessment Centre nerves

I read this week that it was scientifically impossible to shake with nerves at the same time as tensing your bottom. A fact that strikes a chord with me because I used to be a high board diver, and I … Read More

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Psychometrics tests: to be or not to be truthful?

To mark Shakespeare’s big birthday I thought I would question the very nature of our being! A task that many graduates have to face every time they complete an online job application form. Psychometric tests are what we call personality … Read More

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Billard Ball 3

“I got three job offers!”

One of the delights of being a careers coach is hearing good news from graduates you have helped. So I was particularly thrilled this week to hear from a client who clinched his target job at PwC as well as … Read More

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The power of film for interview preparation

It is very revealing how helpful video interview coaching sessions can be. The thought of being filmed may feel daunting, but it can often be transforming as you prepare for an important interview. After conducting a videoed interview I analyse … Read More

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Catching job opportunities with the help of LinkedIn

There is something random but highly effectively about a cobweb. Just as LinkedIn has become an essential tool for graduate job-seekers. It’s all a matter of casting your web out wide and seizing opportunities when they come your way. In … Read More

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How to get into the mind of your future employer

One way to beat the competition when you are applying for jobs is to demonstrate that you have done your research better than anyone else. So this means penetrating the mind of your future employer. What lights them up in … Read More

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