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Get inside the mind of the recruiters

Get inside the mind of the recruiters. [avatar user=”t_orange” align=”left” /] In the world of marketing it is always important to understand your target audience, and hunting for a job should be no different. At the end of the day … Read More

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Want job security? Become a programmer!

“If you are looking for job security become a programmer.” Those were the words of a CEO of an IT company who was recently talking to a group of London University undergraduates. He described how he pays over £50k for … Read More

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Tips for parents to help graduates land a job

How can a parent help their graduate land the job? Simply spending time quizzing the candidate before a big interview can be so helpful. Thinking about what research they should have done, and testing for relevant facts and figures. You might … Read More

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A motivational speaker who was truly motivating.

A motivational speaker who was truly motivating. If you are like me, your heart half sinks when a speaker is introduced as a motivational business speaker; you never know whether they are going to be embarrassingly inane or inspirational. Much … Read More

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