Career Planning

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It’s the lucky graduates who have a clear sense of direction by the end of Uni. They may be the ones who always had an inkling of where they wanted to head, or may be they were just adept at juggling the demands of finals with making decisions on the careers front.
But there will be many of you who walk out of Uni feeling at sea. Perhaps you were totally focused on your academic journey, or perhaps you simply needed to step into a new time zone before you could look to the future. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you recognise that you are in good company.

Tips to help you in your planning

  1. If you can’t work out what you want to do, sometimes it’s best to start by exploring what you don’t want to do. This means probing deep into your own feelings, and asking yourself why some things don’t appeal. You can learn from those negative feelings, and take satisfaction in pushing the agenda forward by narrowing down the options.
  2. Explore pathways before thinking about specific jobs. Here the trick is to think five years from now. Imagine the career roles and lifestyles that you aspire to. Then brainstorm around the different routes to get there. It can be useful to visualise the different pathways on paper. Stick them up on the wall. Stand back and over the next week reflect on which route feels best.
  3. Get stuck into opportunities that come your way, rather than waiting for the dream job. It’s easy to be fussy if you have cruised through education, and have high expectations of yourself. But it’s worth getting going simply to keep your CV moving forward. Although you need to remember that it’s only worth starting at the bottom if you don’t intend to stay there!


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