Why would HR Scrap your Resume 650 x 650

Enhancing your CV

Of course you will be very familiar with CV basics. I suspect you wrote your first CV before sixth form, and it would be hard to complete a degree without having attended at least one CV workshop offered by the careers department. So at this stage, the focus should be on CV enhancement and how the document can work more effectively.

Tips to enhance your CV

  1. Review general impressions before thinking detail. Does your CV communicate a key message? Does it project the vitality of your character? Does it communicate the personality that you want to establish? Does it feel fresh and give value to what you are doing now? Remember it’s so important that a CV appears to be moving forwards even if you’re not in a graduate job.
  2. Make it specific to the job you are applying to. Does it feel right for the sector? Does it highlight the experience that is particularly relevant to the job specification? How does it work with your cover letter? Have you established why you are interested in them, as well as why they should be interested in you?
  3. Finally consider the details. How are your general themes supported by examples? Are the examples sufficiently memorable? Remember any communication has to entertain if it is going to leave a lasting impression. And of course, triple check there are no mistakes!


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