Develop your personal brand

In a world of social media you will be used to the concept of personal branding. You craft an image of who you are through Facebook and Twitter. As a generation you have led the way, and now as you enter the world of work you need to consider how your social image complements a new career-self. In other words, you need to think about what kind of brand character you want to project.
You may have had a psychometric test in the past, but the development of brand integrity depends on a much deeper understanding. It starts through exploring the complexities of what makes you unique, and then building on your strengths to craft a distinctive persona for the workplace.

Tips to help you develop your personal brand

  1. Being true to who you are may sound like a cliché, but it is a good starting point for building a personal brand. What makes you individual? Which dimension of yourself do you want to develop in your career? These are searching questions, so ideally you should address them with a good mate over a bottle of wine. In other words, you need to get intimate with yourself and try to encapsulate what makes you uniquely human.
  2. As a good strategist, it’s important to understand the desires of you target audience. So understanding the requirements of future employers is also an important starting point. Shut your eyes and pretend you are standing in the shoes of the recruiter. What are they looking for? How do they want candidates to stand out? What kind of CVs do they instinctively bin?
  3. Consistency of communication is always key to a successful campaign. Draw a schematic map of all your different channels of communication, for instance, Facebook, Linkedin, CV, cover letters, interview narratives, etc. Review the contents of everything and double-check that the emerging storyline leads in one clear direction.



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