Cinching the job

The interview process has become a long drawn out process for many graduate schemes. I recently saw a two-page flow chart from one of the leading management consultants explaining the different hurdles that graduate candidates have to negotiate. It goes without saying that you need to be well prepared for each step, and that you should allow yourself plenty of rehearsal time to raise your performance.

Tips to help you raise your performance:

  1. When you are preparing for a first interview imagine that you are an investigative journalist researching the employer. What are the big market opportunities? Have they been in the news recently? What makes their culture different? Do they have a CSR agenda? What are their vulnerabilities? In other words, do all you can to be totally wised-up.
  1. Ensure you don’t forget to research the people who will be interviewing you. This means you may need to get their names from the HR team. What are their particular areas of interest? Have they written any noteworthy articles or blogs? What career pathway have they pursued? Then work out how you might incorporate their hot topics into the conversation.
  1. If you are going to an Assessment Centre ensure that you are thoroughly wised-up to the process, and that you have developed personal strategies for each activity. It is also important to practice the tests that you will be set (so check that you know which types of psychometric or aptitudes tests you will be given). Finally, if you have some obliging friends it can help to role-play the kind of scenarios that you might encounter.


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