Getting a foot through the door

Knowing how to reach out to potential employers can be very daunting when you are new to the game. As a generation, graduates today have to become particularly adept at hunting out their opportunities. Being good at networking and knocking on doors is going to be an important life-skill, and the sooner you craft your techniques the better.


Tips to enhance your door knocking skills

  1. Visualise a networking map. Think carefully how to use your contacts to maximise their worth. Who should you approach now? Who should you contact when you are further along their way? Are there friends of friends who could help? Friends of your parents? Don’t have any qualms about pulling strings – this is not the time or place to be PC.
  1. Be selective about the jobs you apply for. Always better to do a handful of applications well, rather than hundreds of applications superficially. It is easy to become blinded by all the jobs that are advertised through the graduate job sites; so develop a personal set of job search criteria and a strategy to prioritise action.
  1. Knock on doors multiple times. When I talk to graduates who have succeeded they often recount that they had a breakthrough on the second, third or fourth attempt. It is easy to feel that all is lost if the first email doesn’t deliver an interview. Or if you don’t succeed with the first applications. In fact, it’s often through repeat approaches that the door eventually opens.



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