Are any of these you?

No job?

Maybe you are graduating next year, or have just graduated this year. You might have come back from post Uni travels, and unlike some of your lucky peers you didn’t clinch a milk-round opportunity beforehand. You were so focused on finals that there wasn’t time for job applications, or you might have simply decided that you needed to enter a new time zone before your started contemplating the future.

First job?

Maybe you have had a series of internships. Or you might be in your first paid job, and are worried that it isn’t taking you anywhere. It’s easy to get stuck when you are working your way up from the bottom, particularly if you’re not on a graduate training scheme. When you are paddling your own canoe, it’s easy for employers to forget that you are a graduate with ambition.

Wrong job?

Maybe you simply feel you are in the wrong job. It takes the majority of graduates a couple of moves before they feel they are heading in the right direction. It’s easy to feel low when you are battling in the wrong environment, and with the financial pressures of city life it takes courage to change course. But being twentysomething you are conscious that there is still plenty of time to start afresh.

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